Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Getting Crossed Eye

Our school is finally done with second semester that next week, we will hold our final exams. Since I am anticipating the long vacation, I decided to hold off first the checking of papers this weekend.

Since requirements of teachers are bound to pile up as the end of semester comes, I am getting more cross eyed with all the reading, blogging and programming.

My ophthalmologist did advise me to wear eyeglasses since the nature of my work puts a strain on my vision. But, more often than not, I keep on forgetting them and now they are finally broken.

I have to really get a good pair of glasses this time. I read Eric's Review of Zenni Optical and I was pretty amazed that anyone can get the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses starting at $8.00 way much cheaper than other eye glasses. Further, any add – ons like anti – glare coating comes at $4.95 as opposed to $50-$100 elsewhere. The #1 online Rx glasses store is a click away and any shipping is only at $4.95 regardless of the pairs needed. More importantly, a wide selection of eye glasses for men and women can be checked and customized to their unique needs. This is really one best deal!

my personal choice to keep my eyes and cover my face partially from the sun

T o top it all, not only that I shall be getting quality eyeglasses, I shall be having elegant and stylish frames.

I shall really soon my ophthalmologist again and ask for my vision status and place that online order for eyeglasses.