Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hating and Loving my Forced Eyeglasses

I have been experiencing headaches and blurry vision and my work as a teacher and programmer  makes it less easier.

So, after years of procastination,  I finally decided to go through eye examination again and although my nearsightedness can't be fully addressed, somehow, my vision improves with my new progressive eyeglasses. My right eye has 75+ vision while my left eye ha 50+  grade. So, the optometrist advised the eyeglasses for straight three months to stabilize my vision and address the headaches and wearing eyeglasses during reading and programming thereafter.

Somehow, I feel so burdened with something on my nose but I am enduring it because it makes me look on things better  and longer. I am only worried of how I look because it is a contrast to my fashionable statement. It is just a consolation that my eyeglass frame  is sturdy but may complement any outfit.