Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are We All Socially Responsive?

Peace is a global issue and I remember pretty well one book in my graduate studies, defines peace as not just as an absence of physical war but it encompasses several conflicting and persisting afflictions that are quite difficult to solve.

This is the very reason why social responsibility and responsiveness is highly valued among companies, government institutions and private individuals.

So, I want to Spread The Word For Charity by letting you know that will be giving out $20 every time someone blogs about them, $10 for a tweet, and $5 for becoming their Facebook fan. I want to help any way I can to any charity that helps the underprivileged, or the oppressed. I definitely, praise the community efforts of

6-08-2009_6-00-08_pm is actually a search engine of hotels in various countries. One can actually sort the hotels according to their popularity, price, distance, stars or distance. So, one can make sure that he will be getting worthwhile experience from all his travel stays.

There are indeed a number of search engines but if I shall be getting efficient results from my query and shall be helping my community at the same time, then, I shall be more grateful and honored of that unique medium.

There are indeed places that need immediate help. And, any measurement of help can spell a difference.