Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Finally Conquered the Road

I have been practicing motorcycle driving since last year but not really had the guts to drive it without my mentor.

However, since my mentor is away and I have to travel far for work, I had no choice but to drive it myself. I finally had the chance when I joined my former school in their intramurals' pageant. My younger sister who is just a teenager and has learned driving the same time I took the big bike.

But, since I have the driver's license, I could only drag the bike. hehehheheheh! Gosh, I was all all cold, in and out while I drove the motorcycle in an early evening. hahhahahahah! So, as soon as we reached our destination, safe and sound and cold, I texted my pop that we are all ok. Hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

I was all proud of myself that I asked my younger sister again to wander around the city on daytime. Indeed, you learn better from hands-on drill.

I am still afraid to drive but I just have to overcome my fear. Come tomorrow, I shall drive the bike myself to work. May God be with me again.