Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do I See PayingPost/Blogadvertisingstore A Scam?

I did first try Payingpost early this year when I was still new with blogging. At that time, the payout was only 50$ with big offers. And, the payout was always on the first day of the next month.

However, the opportunities for Payingpost became scarce until recently when I got a few until I reached their new payout of $100. Problem started to occur when Payingpost now called Blogadvetisingstore did not pay on time. My sister, Tammy shared the same sentiments. Thus, our disappointments were not anymore contained that I told here to seek the help of advertisers since Payingpost would not respond to their support queries and complaints.

After seeking third - party help and days of waiting, Payingpost finally paid as I wrote on previous post. But, after posting this, several other bloggers sought my help and I was only willing to give them the ways.

Unfortunately, Payingpost did not respond to the same strategy my sister and I did. If a blogger will check if Payingpost is a scam or not, you can ask other bloggers if they are paid. But, I discourage myself and my sister to continue writing for this site because in the future, help can be nowhere to get. We were just lucky once, we dont want to gamble again.

You can check the bloggers below for their feedbacks if they have finally received their payments.