Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Their Life after Eye Operation

Our vision is one of the most basic essentials in living normally otherwise we experience great discomfort or disability.

I could not imagine life without my eyesight. However, as a teacher and programmer for over a decade, vision constraint is one of my health problems. I was diagnosed with myopia or a visual defect where distant objects appear blurred. So, I have hard time reading and seeing from afar. My husband has farsightedness problem on the other hand.

We wear eye glasses to somehow aid us but oftentimes, this treatment is only superficial and temporary. So, I was quite excited when I first heard of Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure to correct some major eye problems. This procedure has made tremendous help to anyone who has eye defects.

And, I am more excited that Abbot Medical Options, Inc (AMO), a global leader in laser eye corrections, has started the iLASIK Video Contest to see how lives have improved after the iLASIK procedure.

One can submit, view and vote a video of how iLASIK surgery has made a difference. More importantly, great prizes of $5,000.00, almost the iLASIK market value, shall await the grand prize winner. Anyone ages 21 or above in 50 United States or in the District of Columbia can participate with free registration.

Their great prizes include camcorders and HDTV and their criteria require overall creativity, originality and humor, association with the topic of better vision and popularity.

This contest is really worth the time!