Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running for Noble Advocacy

with my kid on our first night run for the benefit of the abused and abandoned children

We have been running our nth fun race and we can only be happier that we are helping in the advocacy supported by the organizers and at the same time, we are doing ways to keep us fit.

Since my husband was away, I had to run with my 9 - year old kid in spite of  the 3 km - distance we had to cover. Thus, the route was only traversed in a walk - run mode. My kid was quite exhausted and in spite of telling him to stop joining the race, he could not  be convinced the other way around.

photo source: General Santos City Police Office

There is another run scheduled on August 14 and I hope to run for 10km. I can only hope I can endure the race in spite of running alone since my husband can't stand the long running.

I can only be happier that I get to do what I love to do running and helping others.