Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Check Out the New Fire and Ice Grill and Steak Bar in GenSan

 The Generals shall have another pride as a new place can be a haven for those who simply want to relax and to enjoy good food with friends and family.The old Anchor Driving Range now dubbed as Gensan Sports Center begins its metamorphosis as a newly opened Fire and Ice Grill & Steak Bar just around the golf area starts serving the locals with their breakfast - to - dinner varied menu and concoctions.

But, what is more exciting is that sports enthusiasts shall have another place to sweat and to have fun since Mr. Rey Billena and family shall add more amenities for softball, gym, spa and alike. And, come NOVEMBER 11, 2011, the generals can be more proud for this high - end sports center.

So, the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS   can only be more grateful to be invited to this new hang - out and we can't wait to enjoy the new face that this old favorite place can deliver.

photo credits: ARNEL JOSHUA LIM