Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Am Older and Bigger

Medical studies show that as a person gets older, he gets bigger unless he lives a healthy lifestyle and with regular exercise.

This is pretty true for me because as I age, I find it difficult to lose the extra bulges. Worst, I get heavier each day because I don't jog anymore and I spend most of my time before my computer or TV. Having a food store only aggravates the condition.

I could not blame others who go through plastic surgery to shed off that extra bulges. Looking good contributes to feeling good. Thus, this is only explains the passion most people have for plastic surgery.

However, there are also plastic surgeries that have gone bad. Although these are rare and isolated, they can scare away potential patients who would want to consider cosmetic surgery but too afraid to handle the risks. It is then, important that they only consider qualified and competent plastic surgeons who really have the appropriate trainings.

I was able to witness one video of how traditional liposuction removed unwanted fats. It was quite gross and painful. And since the surgery is quite serious, the patients require longer recuperating time.

However, technology on cosmetic surgeries have improved already. One of the safest and most effective media in weight - loss surgeries now covers laser lipolysis a.k.a smart liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction, smart lipo does not use suction. It makes use of tiny cannula covering the laser to liquefy the fats and then, they are drained through a tiny incision. With this method, most patients can right away resume to their regular doings like work after 24 hours. The pain is less to moderate within 48 hours and normally, patients simply go through a local anesthesia.

Smart lipo has greater advantages over traditional liposuction. First, the cannulas are small thus, the incisions are smaller too producing only small scars. Second, smart lipo can work on difficult areas like chin, upper arms, waist, face, and male breasts. Lastly, the heat energy from this method makes body's natural healing works, making the treated tissues tighter and smoother.

Adults who have good health and stable weight within the year can apply for this procedure.

It is now easy to look for Smart Lipo through the competent hands of physicians from sono bello. The clinic performs greater numbers of successful micro laser assisted liposuctions and laser sculpting than most clinics. The procedures indeed guarantee permanent fat loss at safest way and reasonable rates.

It is only imperative that potential patients know the benefits of smart lipo and that the physicians are qualified otherwise, they may risk their health and lose much from jeopardize plastic surgeries.

Cosmetic surgeries should make us look good not the other way around.