Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gensan Bloggers at Gensan View Resort

Fish pond at Gensan View Resort where anyone can go fishing and can have the catch cooked only at 95.00/kilo

photo source: kwayster

The Gensan View Resort

photo source: kyawster

the wacky Gensan bloggers!

photo source: kyawster

Last Thursday, Bariles once again invited us to join him and other bloggers to a newly opened resort in the city. We were only happy to tag along and since it has a pool, we brought our little kid with us. 

The place was quite awesome especially seeing the panorama of the countryside and the big - sized pool was distinguishing irony. One can only enjoy the cool farm breeze while savoring the tranquility and fun. My kid could not be stopped from hitting the pool waters. LOL!

We did have the chance to talk with the owners, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Patrice Santos, who are grandkids of General Santos City's founder, Gen. Paulino Santos. Great!!!!

Since, the place is simply close to our home, this resort shall be a welcoming experience for the entire family  and to other Generals who wish to relax.