Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Am Back to School

Last January 4, 2010, our school STI had officially resumed to regular classes and I am dead tired again. Sigh! 

Now, I am back to reading again and researching some resources to supplement the courseware. I found some interesting free resources online but I quite need some hard bound copies for portable and flexible reading. You see, I just read whenever and whereever I can. Somehow,  this bothers me since it constraints my eyesight and contributes to my eye problems. But, I just have to otherwise I shall be exhausting my time from other compelling works. 

I only have to ask my family to print some works through his office printer since my printer has gone drained from ink. I just have to buy that much needed Printer Cartridges and do more comfortable and handy printing at home or at our store.  Further, we shall soon need these once our mall boutique will go operational.

I have to make use of my evening time to prepare the needed resources for the next day's teaching. Also, it drags me to laziness but I know I just  have to go back to regular works while  we have our business. Although, it is quite different since most of the time, the store is closed since no one gets to man it. 

We decided to go back to biking and jogging again. I just wish we can sustain this longer than necessary.