Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm A Couch Potato

The problem with not too social person and is aging, I get to stay more time at home or at store. Sigh! 

But, it is never a wasted time since I use my free time reading, blogging and watching endless movies. We however, rely only on buying CD's since the home TV is not subscribed to any cable service. 

I did search for a cable service that is suited to our home needs but to no avail until I  found DIRECT TV Packages.  They offer varying bundles of promos that can meet unique need of those who want to have  DIRECTTV Packages

I wish I can have any of these DIRECTV Packages especially now that Manny Pacquiao will soon have his next fight. My pop will surely enjoy the home viewing live!

For now, I just have to endure first online movies and shelf CD's.