Monday, August 30, 2010

My Top Influential Blogs

Blogging is my passion and when I started in 2008, I have quite enjoyed the perks of having blogs: new friends, countless gimmicks, free concert tickets, additional earnings and great wisdom and humor from other bloggers.

So, I won't at all pass the Writing Project for 2010 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and give my  list because my nominees simply have great blogs with heart and soul that can simply make readers weep, laugh and most of all, love life.

So, my short list includes:

  • Ganda Ever So Much - If I want my day to be more comic, alive and witty, I just don't miss reading the entriess from this blog. His honesty and transparency and even criticisms can indeed rock your  funny bone and make you do uncalled self - meditation because of his profoundness, intellect and humor. 
  • Kikay Much - Everyone is vain and if you are in search for beauty tips, entertainment gadgets, fashion trends, you won't miss this fashion - beauty site that is simply filled with personalized and true - to - the - bone reviews of a certified fashionista herself. You will simply have the urge to try anything  she writes. 
  • AlexisChua - you will be quite amazed by the monstrosity of intellect and passion from this blog and to know that he is just fresh from college, you may wish all leaders and young ones share same passion for anything he loves, politics, technology, community, economics and Philippine development to top his list. 
  • Ako si Rabsky - This blog is like reading Vice Ganda's punch line and if you want to take a glimpse how the Kabataan see the present Philippine state, you will be quite surprise how this blog brings out the truth with funny icing on the top. 
  • Gensan Gems - I like this blog because the author  presents the less known recipes and wacky adventures in South Cotabato one should not miss. 
  • A Thousand Ships - this is a photoblog and not only that you get to see amazing and unique and personal pictures, you shall be amazed too with all the vivid and interesting stories behind these great pictures too.
  •  Digital Exposures - another photoblog with captivating pictures and the images are enough to ignite your imagination and passion. 

These blogs are worth reading and visiting; go check them yourself and you will discover more!