Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanting My Own Ecommerce Site Too

We are officially one month with our Kreativ  Boutique  situated at Upper Level of Atrium, Gaisano - General Santos City. We practically sell anything fancy and fad and that includes pants, shirts, blouses, shoes, bags, belts and fashion accessories for men, women and young ones.

However, with the need to promote the store and encourage more sales, I indeed created a Facebook account to serve this purpose and I have been wanting to have my  own e-commerce site to make online shopping more possible and efficient.

E-commerce has indeed defined a different tapestry for shopping where business and transactions can be made beyond the four corners of any physical store. And, with boundless limits of Internet technology, ideally, a store's website can reach to as many people across nations and towns. However, having a good e-commerce site with  efficient ecommerce web hosting  requires tremendous marketing to promote a good amount of traffic to any online company site. And, if this marketing is well taken care of, it is equally important that security on payment transactions should be assured too. Further, online customers  can have their shopping carts and tracking of their online purchases. I wish to have customer support too just in case queries or feedbacks shall be placed.

With technology hype, it is only smarter and more effective to make use of this technology to the advantage of any enterprise, private or otherwise.

Thus, as soon as I can, I shall make my own e-commerce site with all the basic shopping functionalities required.