Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wanting My Own Place

We have been staying with my parents since I decided to go back to General Santos City and although we have our very own house in Zamboanga City, I am still adamant to stay here in General Santos.

But, staying with your folks do have its good and bad perks. For one, privacy is something I have to endure although I am only happier that my folks and siblings take care of my kid whenever I am away and busy in work.

So, if resources shall be allowed, I can only resume with the construction of the stalled house just around the family lot. And, we hope to have our own space to do whatever we want at our own bidding. For one, I want to have our own   address plaque to boost.

Nothing can be more relieving than having our own place with a chic  address sign   that we can be proud of. Perhaps, with   address plaques and numbers, we can indeed claim that the house shall be called our very own home. 

For now, we can only stay put with our kin and just try to live with them smoothly and consider the good perks more than anything else.