Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Wedding, Great Time with Old Students

My teaching career spans over 13 years and through these long years, I have endless number of students from my five (5) school employers. And, the overwhelming number is simply affirmed when I get to meet my old students but fail to recognize their names.

with my old students, the newlyweds

So, this is quite the case when the bride, one of my old students five years ago, asked me to join them in their wedding. I was just around the neighborhood that I happily conceded. Surprisingly, though, that when the bride and groom met me to hand in their invitation, the groom happened to be my student too 10 years ago.  The two simply met in Qatar in one religious activity and just after a year, they decided to tie the knots.

The wedding was beach - inspired and was held in one of the nicest white beaches in Glan, Sarangani Province. The newlyweds invited me to be one of their godparents and I could only complain because I don't see that my 30+ age falls for the godparents' age range.

the beach wedding 

The entire wedding ceremony was all touchy when the newlyweds gave their personal vows and messages to their respective parents. And, while the rain was lurking around the venue, the entire program went smoothly and successfully  until I gave my own message to the newlyweds.

We stayed over the night in an open cottage and went home after the rain subsided.