Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Lose Weights Fast

I am way over 30 years old and unlike my younger years, I find it harder to lose weights. Diet is not enough to sustain a lean structure. In fact, if there are unwanted events, I resort to eating and more eating. So, I manage to complement my diet with morning jogs.

But, losing weight is not about staying sexy and looking good but also protecting ourselves from any weight - related illness like diabetes or  heart attack. Further, it may affect self - esteem and social acceptance. In fact, most overweight job applicants find it harder to land a job.

So, how can we exactly lose weights? Most experts suggest the following:

Drink plenty of water  at least 8 glasses a day. Don't use juices to replace water because you only gain unwanted calories and preservatives. Further, if you drink water before and between meals, this will help you feel full restricting your food intake. Take colder water too because your body will warm up more to burn the calories. When you drink a lot, you make your metabolisms work faster making you burn more fats.

Don't skip meals but take regular - sized meals instead. Never eat very full and skip the rest of the meals because not all fats can be burned, making the extra fats all stored particularly around the belly. Thus, eat only sizable meals and snacks including  Luna Bars   and stuff these with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly. There is no fast ways to losing weights except of course going through surgical procedures. Nevertheless, whatever weight loss medium we use, we have to sustain all our weight loss efforts with regular exercise like jogging, walking or aerobics. Do this with friends or loved ones to make you more inspired.