Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Love Holiday Months!

When September comes, the mood in the Philippines becomes more festive because it tells that Christmas holidays shall be soon coming. The weather also changes because one can always feel the colder temperature.

And, to go with this festive mood, is the time for Christmas songs and decors on almost all establishments. Of course, I could not help but enjoy the nice mood too.

So, I always sport red outfit, accessories and I simply love this red - frame eye glasses I found from the wide - arrayed of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses from online only at $9.95!

My personal favorite for the Holidays!

So, holidays are always our personal likings. We get to enjoy the occasion and the family regardless of how we celebrate it. Early gift shopping is also part of the usual works we do for Christmas.

I wish to give my old folks some $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses from their collection of New Arrivals. However, I have to scout some other gifts like toys among other things for the rest of the family.