Friday, October 9, 2009

The Online Me

The start of Internet in 1980’s had made a dramatic change not only in commercial establishments but also in homes. The form of company, product or service advertising has taken a major shift from its conventional form of printed and aerial to non-printed. Thus, websites like Google, Yahoo and other commercial web sites proliferate.

But, I could not underestimate the power of blogging as a form of journal website. I had continued my passion for writing through blogs last year. Since then, I never stop writing about politics, health, education, parenting, family, recreation, fashion and more. For blogs to become popular and marketable, traffic is highly required. Thus, I have submitted my blogs to different web directory. Somehow, my blog traffic increases and my readership widen. More importantly, I have met people from web directories who also become social networks and source of endless references for topics that highly interest me.

Further, I have made to promote my fashion store online. My blogs have helped me sell my stuffs and cater to buyers outside my local premises, thus, increasing the likelihood of revenues.

No wonder companies worldwide, small or big have maximized the prowess and depth of internet and its technology.

What I also appreciate from Internet and its web sites are the blogs I make with my students as part of our classroom instruction. Somehow, learnings become more interactive and rich in resources.

I make my programming codes and lectures available online and sometimes, I make use of some tutorials available for added references. That way, students may actually review our lessons and even go advance should they need. They can find resources and tutorials to help them understand our lessons more. But, I make sure that when I give problem, the solution is not entirely found from the resources. This way, students are taught to be more analytical and creative in solving programs.

The tutorial contains different references on the basics and programming codes as sample to support the topic. The tutorial is quite easy to use and may be used as a supplement to text books. And if students and other viewers or readers want to be clarified on certain topics, forum or discussion is there to assist anyone.

Internet's resources like tutorials and e - books are normally free. We just have to be resourceful and vigilant of what is a correct content from fictitious ones. Also, one can acquire software journals for added IT learnings.