Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Mall Exhibit Will Soon End

Our Robinsons' Mall Exhibit with Tammy as the supervisor

Our Gaisano Mall's exhibit

It has been two weeks since we started our mall exhibit, 1 week for Robinsons. We can really feel the impact of recession when I computed the store's sales and expenses, I got a break-even result.

Although, it is not a good news, I find it also relieving enough that in spite the bleak sales, we were able to pay off the rent while selling our stocks.

Tonight, we will pull out our display from Robinsons and this Friday from Robinsons. With stale sales and with competition, our US stocks have remained the least saleable items that I have to put them on big discounts.

I shall however, find a permanent place at the mall to sell off our items than have them unsold in our old place although we save from the rent. Good luck to us!