Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Are on All Saints' Day

It is November 1 and it's All Saints Day. The Philippine government has declared today and tom, Nov. 2 as legal holidays to give homage to the dead.

However, for most Filipino families, these are the days to gather as family, while visiting their loved ones in the cemetery. Unlike in the old days, when the mood was gloomy, halloween days are however, festive.

One can only see in cemeteries, street parties, singing and drinking (if not at all guarded). For some, they make use of the long holidays in secluded areas for relaxation. My family however, stays at home, prepare Filipino delicacies like biko, suman among others to be offered to the dead after some prayers.

Filipinos do have odd ways of celebrating All Saints' and All Souls' Days but these are opportunities to remember our dead loved ones while enjoying time with the living.