Monday, February 8, 2010

I Am Vain But . . .

Every sane person will say that he wants to look and feel good. But, somehow inferiority consumes self-esteem that he wishes to look differently and feel appreciated.

I am indeed vain with my appearance. It started with my pouting lips, gap teeth, and not too pronounced nose. I did not smile well because of my facial features that as soon I had the resources, I got my teeth fixed. But, if I have more resources, most likely if not, I shall have my nose done, and body sculptured from unwanted fats. 

But, vanity is popular not only among women but also among men that plastic surgery has become the prime solution. This is quite popular among celebrities whose personality is a big concern. 

These celebrities and other commoners opted for plastic surgery to look good in spite of pricey costs. But, risks are always there that any normal surgical procedure can turn out bad. 

Some sources cited a few celebrities whose surgery turned wary and gross that the patients themselves would rather have their old selves back. To name a few, the list includes before-after images of Jackie Stalone whose latest picture is associated with a picture of a bulldog, Donatella Versace,  Pete Burns, Kenny Rogers, Dennis Avner who explicitly wanted to appear a cat, Amanda Lepore, Michael Jackson and Michaela Romanini.

But, to top these gone - wrong surgeries are the works of Hang Mioku, a Korean - based lady whose after face definitely of another planet. She was quite pretty in her old self but with too much plastic surgery obsession, she had done several procedures mainly on her face. With series of procedures, her face was left disfigured that no other surgeon would take her case until she met a doctor who  introduced self - injecting silicones. And, when she ran out of silicones, she injected herself with cooking oil. Thus, a more aggravated condition inflicted this lady.

Also, another popular case is Jocelyn Wildenstein who deliberately did several procedures to look like a cat in behalf of his late husband  Alec Wildenstein, an important businessman with a love of exotic animals. She was divorced over his extra-marital affairs and to win back her husband, she had her face done to resemble a cat.

Jocelyn Wildenstein - the Cat Woman

These worst cases of plastic surgery are adversely caused by Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a psychiatric disorder characterized by strong belief that there are physical defects that need to be corrected when in fact, they appear normal. 

Plastic surgery may do wonders but for someone who has BDD, the effects are disastrous. Thus, before anyone goes to plastic surgery, it is quite important patients are well asked about their mental stability.

So, this responsibility lies mostly on responsible surgeons who are not just after earnings but also  the safety and welfare of their patients.  One can check Los Angeles plastic surgeon who is socially responsible and competent with  his craft.

We all want to be beautiful, in natural way or otherwise. But, what is unacceptable is the possibility that our chosen medium can do more wrong than good.  We can only be more cautious and confident with ourselves and rely only on competent surgeons.