Friday, February 12, 2010

Show Off Everyone!

It is quite natural for us to look and feel better even if  it means having good stuffs for ourselves or for our loved ones and for our home. 

My family is into business for several years already. The furniture has been existing more than 15 years ago and it has thrived through my mom's painful endurance. 

We do have our own boutique too and we took the advantage of exhibits to show off our stuffs. The exhibitor even asked my mom if she would like to have the furnitures exhibited as well. But, since the business has been known for long, we don't see the timing of  the exhibit when she is all busy.  

But, I wish we can have our own exhibit resources like trade show flooring, and  trade show carpet to make our items more presentable. Further, it will be nice if our own logo can be used on logo mats and logo canopy.

Perhaps, if resources will allow it, we can have our furnitures  in exhibits to  widen our business market. 

It does not hurt us to show off only when we have beautiful stuffs to be proud of.