Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Wordpress Blog Ordeal

I have a number of blogs made in Blogger and I found this platform more easy and convenient to use. But, as a blogger who does paid works, I was compelled to try Wordpress. 

And, like any other sane person who hates transition, the Wordpress setting is quite a struggle.  I could not even search the section where I can add widgets. I am really an idiot. LOL!

Apart from adding widgets, I need three - column format and I can search these from Free Wordpress themes.  At least, adopting them can be easier. I had my varying themes but I  still search for other designs I can  boost. 

I wish to have my very own customized theme. Perhaps, in due time, I can find Wordpress setting exceptional. I just have to read tutorials and to try other tips to make my experience with Wordpress more worthwhile and easy.