Saturday, June 19, 2010

Better Blog Hosting for Me

This blog has been up and running since April 2008 and I never really imagine that my interest for blogging shall extend over a year but because of its unimaginable perks, harnessed writing skills, new friends and more insights from reading other sites, I  am definitely in love with blogging.  I

I have four other blogs that are oriented on different niches of fashion, business, education and family and fortunately, I have these blogs with their own domain names except for this first blog that seemed to get stuck with blogspot appendage.

Claiming a domain name was easy with Blogger and so far, I never really have any serious trouble unlike when I had my blog in Wordpress hosted. I got the typical features of a Wordpress hosted blog but with my desire to improve it more technically, the hosting is quite vain and restricted.

So, if I were to require a  domain hosting  for this blog, I shall only look for something that will  give me full access to my blog plus the ability to incorporate third - party applications among others at very considerable price and superb convenience. Further,  I expect that the domain hosting will be reliable from any technical glitches.

I have had paid for my Wordpress domain but definitely dissatisfied, but, I can only maximize the one - year hosting, then, I shall reconsider whether to keep it or deactivate the account.

It is indeed imperative that before any online subscription shall be made, I should check recommendations first among the experts. For now, I can only sigh and accept the fate of my distressed blogs.