Monday, June 14, 2010

My Photo Shoots

A family friend decided to join us so he can help with the construction of our supposed – to – be mall space, however, we and the mall owner had a little miscommunication with  the type of materials to use. Thus, we decided to put hold first the construction until we get a more viable option using only the meager resources we have.

So, since the family friend would have  to leave for Zamboanga again, we decided to bring him  to the beach center of Region 12, the Glan beaches.  We did go to the newly opened beach, Isla Jardin del Mar, but we were all surprised by the difficult and stiff road to our target beach. We used only motorbikes as means of transportation and because of the uphill roads, we were forced to walk a few meters just for the vehicle to make through. LOL!

The place however was nice and quiet but we could not take the swim since the waters had receded! Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!  My own kid could only wallow in complaint. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! So, we ended up having only photo shoots of us and the place.

In the late afternoon  though, the higher water showed up, so, the rest of the family hit the water while I ended up taking their pictures!
The travel back home took more than hour as we took pictures of the provincial capital, ate “balut” among other things. But, above all the inconveniences, we did have fun!