Saturday, June 19, 2010

Im a Strained Teacher Again

This new school year, 2010 - 2011, is another year added to my decade of being a teacher and while this job is truly underpaid but overworked, I remain a committed servant of education. I had been a full - time teacher for 12 years but decided to cut back on my workload that I chose to become a part - time teacher instead.

So, since last semester, I have been rendering 15 hours of teaching work every week on subjects like programming and computer theories. This however means I have to still read a lot, and work with my computer practically every day resulting to chronic back pain, headache and strained vision.

I started with jogging and taebo last summer to help me get healthier bones and correct my back aches while I only take pain killers for the headache. However, the strained vision is left unattended that even triggers the headache again. I had my  eyeglasses before to correct the teacher's eye syndrome but I outgrown them that I need new  eyeglasses  again appropriate for my present visual requirement.

My age does not at all alleviate the problem and since I can't undo the consequences of nature or resign from my work, I can only find ways to remedy my concerns.

 Since the school year has just started, I have a long time to endure unless I find a nice and elegant pair of eyeglasses soon.