Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Find the Best Job

Finding the best job is no easy feat; in fact, companies may have considerable great turn - over when it comes to keeping and hiring employees.

But, how do we really find the best job for? Well, I can only think of practical reasons and here is the list:

  1. Consider your skills and knowledge. Finding a job basically starts from writing your resume and making through interviews. In as much as you want the best job, employers want the best persons too for the job. So, matching your skills with your potential job can be a start. A job which requires skills and experience way out of your league can only add a lot of pressures which can eventually make you unhappy and dissatisfied. 
  2. Consider pay and position. Depending on your skills, your position must be suited for these. And, with this position comes the corresponding compensation. So, if you think that your worth is well paid, then, go for it. 
  3. Consider career growth. In an interview, you are normally asked what are your career directions or plans. You too can ask the career pathing for a given position. So, if you see that you like where your potential position be heading, then, go for the job but if you simply stagnation (which I doubt), then, career path can't be a potential issue. 
  4. Consider working environment. You can ask for the number of turn - over and why employees leave. Possible reason can be unacceptable working environment, culture, and management. 
The bottomline for finding the best job is to consider your personal conviction and professional development. It is easier to go to a job if you love your work and everything else about it including your pay, working environment, colleagues,and all otherwise every working day can be dragging and draining and you can be one of those highly stressed employees who wish to just jump off  the board.