Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lingerie: New Face of Sexiness

Call it vain, call it simple piece  of cloth but for  most women lingerie is personality. Most women would want to look good in and out and that means putting on trendy and stylish apparel and accessories  on the outside and comfy and feminine lingerie on the inside.

While other women love thongs and sexy bra others simply love boxer shorts and lacy undies. I am comfortable with boy – leg and  lacy panties since they don’t give that fancy panty lines.

Normally, my choice for lingerie depends largely on my mood. So, if I feel too boyish and  sporty, I am up and running with my boy – leg underwear and sports bra and I wear office blouse  and slacks, I just put on a lace.

But, what can be your basis for choosing the right lingerie? I can only account the following criteria:

Comfort.  A whole day or night in the office or  party makes it all distracting and buggy when lingerie can be that pain.  So, if you are comfortable with boxer shorts or boy stuffs, then, go hit your sack and enjoy.

Mood. Sexiness is a personal conviction and if I say I look good, it follows too that I feel sexy. So, you can wear your mood through your choice for lingerie

Price. Some elegant lingerie may be expensive and costly but if price tags are no question, then, stuff your closet with some beauty lingerie goodies.

Outfit. It is also wiser to complement your  outfit with the appropriate lingerie. You don’t want people to give high notes on your nasty panty lines or flashy brassiere on a lovely gown.