Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Filipinos Celebrate Early Christmas Holidays

Whenever September kicks in, most of the  Filipino communities start to put in Christmas decorations, and you bet that Christmas songs are on the air. Needless to say, Filipinos have four (4) months to prepare, enjoy and celebrate the holidays. We start buying gifts for our godsons ad goddaughters, write  holiday cards  and book family reunions among others.

Filipinos are known for happy and jovial moods and whenever there are occasions, holidays or otherwise, it is only natural that Filipino families and friends bond together for celebration. I guess, it is by this culture that the entire year of the Philippine calendar is packed with endless government and religious holidays that most Filipinos are happy about. We always have a reason or two to celebrate, may it be baptism, weddings, birthdays or simply passing  through exams.

While this culture seems to be harmless, it can be quite disastrous since it encourages people to work hard to spend more and the vicious cycle continues that most Filipino families are really scarce of savings or retirement fund. Further, it also enforces passive attitude towards work since holidays fill most of the working days.

But, this culture can be quite an overstatement, it defines and enlivens us. In fact, as early as now, we are anticipating loved ones and friends coming home for family reunions.

I simply love being Filipino but best of all, I love Christmas more.