Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Applicants Fail to Get the Right Job

Philippines  is one of the largest sources of overseas workers; while we take pride in the number of dollars sent from their remittances, a number of Filipino families  take a sad flight to have their families work abroad. With very promising compensation and migration opportunities, OFWs take the risk and so are the millions of graduates.

However, earning a diploma  is not at all a guarantee to earning the best  job. In fact, call center agencies only hire 10% from the 100 applicants simply because they lack or don’t have the right skills to get the job.

We can partly blame our education systems because their curricula don’t strictly enforce quality education and that their skills don’t match the industry’s needs.

Government agencies who manage HEI’s must  assess closely how colleges and universities  manage their academic programs and how their graduates fare in employment. The economic recession only aggravates unemployment rates.

It is no question that a good number of students would rather drop from school and work. But, can diploma really earn a job? Indeed, it can, but,  students who don’t have access to good schools make this a challenge. Thus, online colleges become more handy and practical. Programs cover  finance, secondary education, management and others. However, make sure that they these online colleges are legitimate and accredited by regional and/or state accrediting entities and member of non - traditional education communities.

Gone are the days when learning is within four walls of a classroom, and with this boundless possibility for online education, earning the right skills and legitimate degree becomes a hard – core reality and armor to getting the right job.

With academic skills along with other soft skills, applicants can have better edge compared to their counterparts.