Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Won Again!Yepey!

This is the second time I joined the blog contest of our local city onlines news mag, Bariles, and in the course of these two separate contests, I won the top prizes.hahahhahaah!

The first was the concert by the world renowned ballader, David Pomeranz last February 14, 2009 and now, I won from the SEO contest for a great national band artists, the Side A Band. Hurray!!!!!! I got two VIP tickets plus a gift certificate to my family's personal favorite classy restaurant, Grab - a - Crab.

This is very timely since my sister, Tammy shall be celebrating her birthday on Saturday, so the gift certificate shall be definitely enjoyed on her big day.

So, tomorrow is a night with my fave band. Thank you to Bariles for a job well done again on this contest and congrats to all who joined in the contest.