Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Money through Our Desktop Blogging

I started blogging only a year ago and what seems to be unrewarding had become a supplemental medium to earn a living. It took me five months to really start seeing dollars going into my account. Somehow, blogging had helped me through my masteral schooling and other bills.

I also had convinced my other sibling to go on blogging as a home job. Further, since I was also teaching, I had used my blogs to impart academic lessons and means how blogs can be used to earn an add - on income.

Somehow, I earn through paid reviews, advertisements and online customers for our store. But, just like an article I read, blogging can be used to earn more. You can actually do telemarketers for certain companies or blog design or training expert. I did want to use my IT skills to design and customize templates for an added income, but, I was simply too busy.

If I have to search what are the most sought answers about blogging, it is always about how to make money from blogs.

I believe it is important to note that blogs are not easy money. They are to worked on, designed, visited and updated regularly before you can see a dollar in your account.