Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make Yourself Beautiful By Cosmetic Surgery!

I was talking to my sister earlier about breast augmentation done by well-known surgeons in our country. She was furiously laughing at me and I know the reason why. Yet, she managed to utter these words," well-known but not reputable"! I know exactly what she means by that! We have well-known cosmetic surgeons here but the name is all over the news on TV and radio because of malpractice.

I know my sister somehow wants to have a breast enhancement because she has a small cup size. I have nothing against her decision; it is her way of making herself beautiful by having a breast augmentation surgery. This surgery actually is very common to us women who wants to have a bigger cup size or it could be the other way around.

The surgery is quite simple actually and they offer a very safe procedure to the patient. This procedure is mostly tried and tested in cosmetic surgery. Once the patient and surgeon agreed on the sized, the implant will be inserted through a small incision made in the natural crease of her breast. Then an overnight stay in hospital is enough for the patient to be closely monitored by her surgeon and the next day, she will be discharged. After the surgery, patient will only need to have a week away from her work during which the surgeon will remove the stitches and dressing.

This surgery takes part in UK. It is kind of far but it will be worth it. I know you will not risk your health and life with non-reputable surgeons. My sister even told me that she is willing to travel because she knew that Mya Cosmetic Surgery ensure the safety of their patients and they offer a very affordable and flexible finance packages to their clients.