Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Store Needs Promotions!

Our store facade on day 3.

We are done now with our first week and the sales was average but this new week has been very very bleak. We can only find ways to promote the stocks and this may mean trying marketing strategies like sales, discounts, layaway plans, retailing, and cheap products that the general public can afford.

We are also considering to have store promotions once it reaches its first month to further promote the store and thank our patronizers with stuffs like Promotional bags, caps, ashtrays, cubes, pens, holders, mugs, Promotional Tote Bags,  covers among  others and offer for VIP customers gifts like flash drives, memory sticks, and compendiums.

The economy may continue to inflict pain among companies and as part of marketing strategies, promotional items can be considered. This way regular customers shall feel that they are important and valued and new customers shall get acquainted with the company's products and services.

Having a new store can mean more pressures as operational costs should be addressed and any help is only more preferred. I have seen various companies sell their products up to 80% off or sell at higher rate but with freebies to complement the stuffs or free coupons of other products and services. Our store is no different from other entities; we have to make sure then that people shall remember us and that we can increase the possibility that we will make future business with them.