Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Have Fun During Rainy Season

How can you have fun during the rain? Summer is officially over in the Philippines as El Nina  supersedes the hot weather of summer; however, along with this are the risks of heavy rain, rain - attributed illnesses, and  passive lifesytle.  For one, I missed my morning jogs because of my colds and the periodic rainfall.

But, what can you actually do when rain seems hard to contain. You can actually try the following  activities:

  1. play board games with siblings or  friends;
  2. play solo or with friends in online games, On line gambling or other entertainment sites; 
  3. run your all - time favorite movies;
  4. listen to old music playlists;
  5. respond to or send  emails, letters, backlogs that need long overdue actions;
  6. finish your stacked novels; 
  7. lavish once again in a rain play with your loved ones.
Who says you can't have fun when rain holds you hostage? That can be a high time to do things that long have been forgotten or missed out.  So, stay indoor, relax, have fun and enjoy the cool breeze of rain with your fave novelty and bundle up with your loved ones!