Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to Relieve Stress

Even if we  work or not for all its definition, we get to become all drained and stressed physically or otherwise and doctors and other experts strongly claim that stress can lead to various  health complications including heartburn, ulcer, hypertension, infertility, PMS, obesity, skin problems, diabetes among others.

There can indeed a number of factors causing stress:

  1. divorce
  2. death
  3. unemployment
  4. social pressures
  5. work pressures
  6. marriage/relationships
  7. separation
  8. illnesses
  9. and the list goes on

But, with all these possible causes and effects, we can only find ways to relieve ourselves of stress. We can:
  1.  find a recreational activity (i.e.. badminton with loved ones or friends)
  2.  go for a short vacation/break;
  3.  enjoy a satisfying body massage;
  4.  go for fun walk on the park;
  5.  watch your movie faves; 
  6. read your overdue novels;
  7.  meditate through yoga;
  8.  take coffee breaks with friends; and
  9. more 

The list can continue but it will do us better if we get recharged from all the burnouts and take a break from the causes of our stress.