Monday, May 26, 2008

Consuming the Endless Days

I was not at all Internet - person before but having too much time at hand, could really drive you crazy.

So, what do I do to maximize my free days before school class starts again? I have the following list:

1. Blogging, blogging, and more blogging
2. Watching movies, funny and freaky ones
3. Doing my handicrafting of accessories
4. Checking my emails just to see if opportunities are open for me (still, wala pa rin, hay!!!)
5. Visiting the same two malls here in GenSan just to cool off (hindi heat-proof bahay eh)
6. Driving my son crazy with my yelling and cuddling (he gets too hyper most of the time)
7. Texting anyone who has the load to respond
8. Eat meriendas with anyone at home
9. At night time, watch cd's again and blog again

What an exciting life!!!! I am thinking of Aerobics - Taebo, perhaps, that will can be added in my busy list. Well, until next blogging