Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Do Tag

To Do Tag

Thanks Cel for this how-to-do tag insight. I have been wondering what tag means in blogosphere and how it is actually done. You have just answered one of my pressing blog questions. . . .Gracias!

What should I actually do today? Since, it is always raining, I must:

1. Do my 3-day laundry (they already stink);
2. Watch the soon-to-be due rented cd's (10.00/cd/day is too much to pay for a jobless like me);
3. Prepare my stuffs for a 2-day mountain climbing, water tubing and snorkeling tomorrow (I just bought my 2-piece swim wear, whew!);
4. Update my blog and connect with fellow bloggers(I have to think well what else to write);
5. Bond with my son (he is driving every one else crazy!!!)

I am passing this tag to Tammy, Jhonkie, and Erlyn.