Monday, May 12, 2008

Invading Airsoft Competition

When I started joining Airsoft wargames, I would always be filled with intense excitement, fear and eagerness. Every Sunday when I was still in Zamboanga City, the Zamboanga Airsoft Team would always meet in any of the special war sites that we have. Originally, the team was just filled with muscle-and-gut-filled men, but to date, we have 3 ladies to boost: Mila, Sugar and of course ME!

The first local competition that they joined was the Guera Guera sa Ecozone in February 2008, where the two teams of ZAS bagged the Championship and First runner - up posts. I only watched the action on my warm bench, but as I saw them devoured their enemies with their fearless moves and tactics, I could only feel pride that I belong to this team.

Now, they just won the recently concluded Zamboanga City-wide Airsoft competition with 9 fierce contendors. . . . I missed their competition but seeing their pictures and website,, I would feel as if, I was also expecting and cheering for them. Their Sunday practices, teamwork and friendship really made a difference not only in their friendly wargames but quite evident as well in all the competitions they joined in. No wonder, they bagged too the championship trophy!

Congratulations fellow ZAS. Hoohah!