Friday, May 23, 2008

Huuray!!! PayPerPost Just Approved Me!

The days of waiting for PayPerPost are all finally over as they had approved my blog only within a week of submission!!! Great, indeed!

When I moved to General Santos City, I was out with no job at all. So, I asked my friend, Lerma how I can earn online because I dont want to leave my son at home. So, she introduced me to PayPerPost. I was all lost at first, not knowing really what to do. But, she patiently guided me around blogging and PayPerPost. Being new to blogging made it difficult to start with postings and linking with other blog elements and individuals. But I struggled to improve my blog, I met new friends in the blogosphere and helped me around blogging.

I submitted at first my blog to PayPerPost before it was 30 days old. But, the PayPerPost team was kind enough to give me their reasons for the decline, but I didnt lose hope because, other bloggers-friends of mine, confirmed that PayPerPost is really reliable and open for many opportunities. So, I just waited, wrote more and more . . . Now, I am a PPP Postie and great in blogging!!!!

I really love to write. I stopped this when I started teaching but having my long vacation has given me 24/7 free time and this allowed me to write only through a newer medium, blogging!!! Not only that, I could meet friends all over the world and earn at the same time.

What should I do with my PPP earnings? Hmmm, I have been wanting to have a new laptop, perhaps, I will soon buy it. Then, of course, girl's stuffs like fashionable pants, blouses, jewelry, makeup . .. . ( with these listings, I have to go for mooooore opportunities!).

So, fellow bloggers, newbies or not, hats off to PayPerPost and to all the Opportunities they can give us. For your opportunities and/or blog activities, do check their site payperpost.