Monday, July 28, 2008

IT Opportunities Are Huge. Are You Up for Them?

When I was asked in high school what college degree to pursue, I told my parents that I would become a teacher but my father did not approve as money is limited for teachers. So, I decided to take a course in Computer Science, a field of IT. I did well, graduated with honors, worked as a programmer and did TEACHING!!!!

So, I spent a decade of my time teaching IT to my students, convincing them that it is one of the most demanding careers of the time and in the coming years. Opportunities are great because you can be a programmer, system analyst, network administrator, database manager, technical specialist, teacher among others.

But IT is challenging as hardware and software technologies evolve very rapidly. So, to keep abreast with the trends, our schools and as a previous IT Head, I would send faculty and some students for trainings. We were quite exposed to the latest trends in operating systems, object-oriented programming, networking, high-end technologies for business, government and academic applications. We also highly regard certifications from international companies like CISCO that we require our faculty to join their qualifying exams and trainings.

Trainings in remote places like Mindanao are quite a privilege as speakers from afar are still to be convinced of the peace and order situation of the place. But, we usually grab the opportunity of available trainings in the locality especially if the certificates from these will be internationally recognized.

So, even if I moved to another school in a new city, I convinced my IT students to not stop learning, may it be through self-study or trainings given by other companies or establishments as IT is only for the best. They can only have that edge over other IT professionals if they have certificates to boost.

So, in CISCO, they can train you and provide intership to their partner companies. And these companies can provide an attractive position to CISCO-certified IT professionals. They provide trainings in IP Communications, Routing and Switching, Wireless/Mobility among other trainings they have. And what is so good with this is you can even learn through their Cisco Networking Academy which provides online courses, interactive tools, and lab activities to help individuals develop the skills needed to fill ICT positions in virtually every type of industry.

Now, that I am aging but still into IT industry, I know I have to equip myself with certifications so I can compete globally and teach more to my students. CISCO trainings are affordable in Philippine currency and so, it will just be a matter of time, that I too shall grab this opportunity for my future growth. I would want to gain a certificate for Cisco Information Security Specialist and I could only do that if I will enrol to their trainings. Most likely after my CISCO training, I can do teaching in IT abroad. Now, that will be a great delight! I want to also exercise my education as an IT professional. So, now that I am back to my programming and learning networking again, I want to certify these skills and I know, CISCO is there to help me.

So, to all IT - inclined and IT professionals, hold on to your skills but equip those well with internationally-known certificates as opportunities for us will never stop but instead vary some more.

Should you want to check their programs, click on the link below:
Cisco certification

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