Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a hell of a week . . .

Since last week, I have been juggling among my work, business, schooling and blogging. I had to organize my sched so I could study for my masteral exam and prepare too my questionnaires for the prelims exams of my students. Boy, I was like a "Kuracha: ang babaeng, walang pahinga."

So, last Saturday, we had our masteral exam, a 50-item of True or False and 50 more items of Fill in the Blanks. Kaloka talaga!!!! I just wish my exam did well. . . umasa!!!!!hahahahahah

I had the rest of the week preparing for my lectures and taking government exams for the position I applied. Good thing, I passed from the two tests. HUURRAAY! Now, I only have to wait for their panel interview. . . I have the days tom. until Friday for checking of papers and exams. Whew, this is indeed a busy life. hahhahahha It is only a blessing, that I have my blog to make me stop and rest for awhile. . . Well, good luck to me!