Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blog Stop,Post Stop

In between lab schedules of my students, I could check my blog and at least read my friends' greetings but I could not really find time to make my mind work on a personal post. Now, that I am just done with my assignment on my masteral, my brain seems to have a clearer view and urge to write, so I am taking this rest.

Geez, my last personal post was a week ago. My laptop isnt working yet as we await for my ebay purchased charger. I had to pay $25.00 for it while my kind friend George from New York had to pay the billing of $100.00. I have to pay his kindness enormously!!!! I could not work at home as I put my Yuri to bed at 9 pm and I am usually dead tired that I dont anymore read my tomorrow's lectures. I only pray my students wont notice my fatigue. I usually feign it with lots of big smiles and humor.

I could only peek for a sec on my blogger-friends' blog and let them know, I still remember them. So, until then . . . . until the next blog stop. . .