Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Ramp Boys

THis is the home-made escabeche of the lola for her makukulit na mga apos:

presenting Yuri and JP

Today,JP and Yuri went to join their Nutrition Month Culminating activity. My Nanay had to wake up early just to prepare their Escabecheng Isda as their share for lunch. Since I could not join them and watch the show, I asked my sister Tammy to take some shots.

They were also cute, well, coming from the mom, they are just SUPERB! hahhahhaha
The rest would have to argue because Yuri had to jump from one table to another, trying to get a taste of what they prepared. HHEHEHHE

So, I asked my sister, to bring them some ice cream just to treat them for their show. I must say, I am just quite proud. This is one of the moments, when I can say, I am happy that I am his mom.

Bravo naman diyan!!!!!