Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Food Addiction! Want SOme?

My sister Tammy has this delicious habit of eating.hehehehhe. And, I am just so happy to join her in dining.

We use to eat in this chinese resto with our usual orders: siomai, steamed dumplings, siopao, and fresh fruit salad. So, I asked her to take some pics of our insanity,eerrr, vanity, or is it gluttony?!! Hahahahh

The Japanese siomai but I prefer the original version as the fish skin stinks!
Oh my siopao, my beloved siopao, I will trade my boss with you!
Tammy's ever favorite, she eats them at 2x a week. whew!
Our delight, fresh fruits topped with cream!Yum Yum!