Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Latest Movie Craze

One of my interests is to watch good movies especially stuffs of my favorites actors and with my loved ones. So whenever I have the budget and the time, I pull my closest friend or a loved one to join me.

I had this chance to watch Wanted of Angelina Jolie who acted as an assassin, and as always, I was fascinated by the twist and the moves.
It has run our cinemas here for over a month. Truly, Angelina Jolie is an action figure queen.

Also, I have been a fanatic of DMC stories, I followed every Comic character movie and the latest is Hancock, I watched it because Will Smith and Charlize Theron were there. I liked the funny side of it, a trademark of WIll Smith in the movies he is in, and the irony of most comic stories that saved society did not want at all to be saved. But I didnt like it that much as the couple-heroes didnt reconcile (rings a common bell to me!!!)

And my son and I watched this Journey to the Center to the Earth and Dark Knight. I must say we both enjoyed these.

Whatever the movie is we are watching, spending time with my loved ones would always be the greatest movie in my life. Agree??