Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cool Police Gears

My father was a former naval officer and I could remember vividly the times when we were brought to their base for a party or other occasions. And oftentimes, I was fascinated by their white flashy uniform, units and other paraphernalia. Great was the passion of my father as a service man that in spite that his kids are all ladies, he wanted still that my younger sibling joined the military academy. Fortunate or not, my sister didn't pass the height requirement, so she ended up a teacher. This passion then was passed on to my third sibling, who expressively objected the idea. Well, my father just gave up, knowing that we are also as stubborn as he is!

But, even if we didn't make it to the academy, we praise our soldiers for their courage and exuding strength. So, we sometimes sport commercially available police-clothings- and- accessory wannabes. I have my personal series of cargo pants, tops and practical gadgets which I know may come handy especially in times of grave need.

When my partner joined the airsoft team, he has the complete stuffs, from pistols, M14, uniforms, head,elbows, knee and hand gears, vest, masks, and more! Whatever real steel and gears that are available for our police officers, an airsoft equivalent is up in the store. And surely, my partner and his friends are just too itchy to have them. And now that I am a player of airsoft, I have my own set of uniforms, airsoft guns, and accessories.

I just cant wait to tell them that we have now the opportunity to purchase some useful gears through 5.11 Tactical Knives. This great site was founded by police officers in Los Angeles who served fellow soldiers but now, they are catering to the general public. They have this great and wide collection of uniforms, footwear, gears, flashlights, units and more from top brands like 5.11 Tactical Series, Maxpedition, Galco, BlackHawk, Surefire, and Under Armour. And, what is so great is that we can order these stuffs online and we are the topmost priority over telephoned or faxed orders. So, we can right away receive our stuffs! We can pay through major credit cards, and every purchase made, freebies go with our orders. Isn't this amazing?

We can subscribe for their email updates and coupons that can be used for our future purchases. I shall indeed have this site checked!!!!