Friday, November 14, 2008

New Blog Shirt Prints in Store

With the pressing orders of my fellow bloggers, I have these other blog text prints on your personalized color shirts. We are still making the sheets for the other macho-and-sexy-looking styles. We hope to finish them all next week. We have orders as far as Manila, waiting for other print shirts to give away as Christmas gifts.

Now, these shirts can really make your holidays fun! Order now!

My girlish blog print

My sister's blog style

For Rock-and-Roll Bloggers

On Chocolate Brown Shirt

My Favorite!

Our Previous Designs:

For Blogaholic like me

For bloggers on other stuffs

For Grateful Sponsored Bloggers

If you wish to order, the prices for sizes are as follows:
Small, Medium, Large, Kid's Size - 180.00
X-Large and XX - Large - 210.00-230.00

The price may vary if your personalized designs will take more than 3 colors and several designs but we can always negotiate. Give us a buzz!!!