Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Entrecard 's Most Popular List

With the help of Elaine, my blogger-friend, I was able to comprehend the twists and turns of Entrecard. What I seemed to ignore before and find another confusing site made my blogs more traffic-earning. My fashion blog, from its juvenile rank of close to 30M, now, its in 3M. WOW, in only two weeks. And this blog which was glued to its previous rank in spite of weeks of blog hopping has now moved closer to 400K. This blog now belongs to Top 35 Most Popular Blogs in its category. Yepey!

So, I am indebted to Elaine. She indeed is an EC queen. She was kind enough to post a number of articles on EC techniques and stuffs, I know you will find helpful. Go check her sites now!

Thanks a lot Lainy. You are indeed an angel not only to beginners like me but to everyone, close to you or not!